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Park Place is in the business of changing lives, giving hope and improving odds by ensuring that youth have access to safety, guidance and caring adults. We are pleased you are interested in joining our dynamic team of change-makers for our youth.

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement
Park Place Outreach, Inc. reviews and considers applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected status.


After School Driver (Part-time):

Driver is responsible for transporting program participants in a comfortable, safe, and timely manner.

Street Outreach Specialist (Part Time)

Our Street Outreach Program (SOP) identifies and assists runaways, homeless, and street youth residing in Chatham County. Our staff works with the youth and local agencies to provide needed services. The Street Outreach Program serves as a bridge between the community and the services PPO provide to homeless and/or runaway youth. SOP extends its services for young adults’ ages 11 to 21. Through the community outreach, we focus on building trustful and meaningful relationships between the SOP staff and youth. It is our goal to prevent the exploitation of youth living on the streets or in unsafe living conditions. SOP strives to increase the safety, well-being, and self-sufficiency of each youth we encounter. Duties include coordinating and provides onsite-in van street assessments, interventions, referrals, case management and follow up services to outreach clients, including telephone, and face-to-face crisis emergencies. Assist and coordinates with supporting agencies providing awareness displays at community events.

Peer Mentor

Peer Mentor(s) support, encourage positive engagement and assistance with program youth. Peer Mentors engages in group, recreational and cultural activities, and serve as a relatable mentor. Position is ideal for a high school senior or recent graduate.

Youth Advocate Specialists 

Youth Advocate Specialists positively engage and provide direct care and supervision to youth ages 11 to 17. Experience working with adolescents in crisis requiring behavioral redirection and guidance is a plus but not a requirement; on-the-job training is provided. Must be a team player and must be open to a strength/trauma-informed based philosophy, offering enthusiasm and empathy while participating in creating and maintaining a workplace that values diversity and is free of racism, sexism, heterosexism, and other discriminatory practices. We are currently hiring for Night Shift (3-11pm) Overnight Week/Weekend (11pm-7am) and Weekend positions (7-3pm and 3-11pm).

*All positions require satisfactory clearance of criminal background, DMV, and drug screenings. Positions also require a minimum high school diploma or GED, or higher as specified by position, 21 years of age and medical clearance.

Review before applying: What exactly do direct service roles involve?

In short, direct service work means helping people directly – working with individuals, families, or children to either prevent or deal with problems in their day-to-day lives. In direct social service, you could be working with any of a huge number of issues: financial and housing stability, food security, educational obstacles, recovery from trauma or abuse, mental health, chronic illness, or many others. These positions are also needed in a wide variety of organizational settings: hospitals, schools, child welfare or adoption agencies, temporary housing providers, food banks, legal service providers, and many, many more.

A position in social work or direct service might be right for you if:

  • You enjoy helping others. Do you find it motivating, inspiring, or energizing to provide someone with assistance and see their lives improve as a result? Social service can be extremely challenging but very rewarding for those who do.
  • You are skilled at communicating with people who are in a vulnerable situations. Have you ever been told you’re a good listener or a highly empathetic person?
  • You are detail-oriented, a critical thinker, and unafraid to make tough decisions in collaboration with others. People seeking human services are often facing difficult circumstances, and agencies tasked with helping them often have limited resources and options.
  • You are resilient – mentally, emotionally, and physically. Direct service professionals should be adept at self-care.