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A Story Worth Sharing: Celebrating Our Youth’s Remarkable Academic Triumph!

It’s Recognition, Awards, & Graduation Season!!!

If there is one thing we love at Park Place is to recognize accomplishments and achievements for all of our youth. Staff has a busy, packed schedule coming up celebrating all current and former youth successes. We are pleased to share this special honors night achievement, progressing from an all C student to an almost straight A student this school year. Congratulation!!!

Park Place has Three High School Graduates

Park Place Outreach is proud to share that we have some graduates to celebrate! 

Amaria, one of our F.A.M. peer mentors and two of our TLP residents graduated from Savannah High School in May. Zaccheus has since joined the Marine Corps. Park Place employees have worked hard to support these two through finishing school and figuring out their next steps. We’re so proud of all three of our graduates. 

At the end of May, Park Place held a celebratory cook out for our graduates and all of our students who are moving onto the next grade level. Park Place gave out certificates of accomplishment, and it was a chance for our kids to relax and celebrate after a challenging school year. 

Transitional Living Program Resident Joins the Marine Corps

Park Place Outreach is proud to share that one of our TLP participants, Zack, joined the Marine Corps! 

Zack graduated from Savannah High School earlier this year after being a resident in Park Place’s Transitional Living Program since August 2021. 

Earlier this week, Park Place staff saw him off as he left for training. He told them that he felt he never would have graduated high school or joined the Marines without the support of the Transitional Living Program. He’s confident that the skills he’s learned at Park Place will help him be successful in the future! 

We’re so proud of Zack for graduating high school and wish him luck with this next big step of his journey!

Photo Gallery: Savannah’s Premier Derby Party

See photos of Savannah’s Premier Derby Party benefitting Park Place Outreach via WSAV.

Become a Sponsor of Savannah’s Premier Derby Party

May 7, 2022 from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m.

Break out your hats and bow ties as we celebrate the running of the 148th Kentucky Derby and raise money for Park Place Outreach to benefit at-risk youth in our community.

Come and enjoy an evening in historic Reynolds Square in downtown Savannah complete with live streaming of the race, derby day festivities, a Woodford Reserve tasting experience and Kentucky-inspired cuisine and cocktails. Must be 21+ to attend this event.

Below outlines the two sponsorship options.

Supporters – $1,000

  • Receive up to 4 tickets
  • Name on all promotional event materials

Champions – $2,500

  • Receive up to 8 tickets
  • Name on all promotional event materials

To become a sponsor, please follow this link to pay online or contact Diana Richtman at or 912-234-4048 if you’d prefer to write a check.

If you do not wish to be a sponsor, but still would like to attend Savannah’s Premier Derby Party, please visit this website.

Park Place Youth Joins Beta Club

Park Place Outreach is proud to share that one of our F.A.M. kids has been accepted into the Beta Club! 

Park Place’s newest Beta Club member has been in our F.A.M. program since September 2021. Park Place staff has been able to support this youth with academic tutoring and life skills practice. Our F.A.M. Program Manager, Shannon Walden, shared, “We’ve watched his confidence increase. He’s been responding really well to our aggression replacement training, and it’s showing in his behavior at school.” 

This eighth grader, who attends Mercer Middle School, received the REACH Georgia Scholarship last semester. You can read more about that achievement here.

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Park Place’s Soccer Success

Park Place Outreach is proud to share that one of our F.A.M. kids has made his school’s soccer team! This youth attends Hubert Middle School and is in seventh grade. This past Monday, Park Place staff and F.A.M. kids attended his game to cheer for him. 

“The kids had a great time supporting their friend,” Shannon Walden, the F.A.M. program manager shared. Attending soccer games is a chance for our kids to practice what they’re learning at Park Place in a fun, new environment!

Park Place’s soccer star always makes a point to get over to Park Place after soccer practice, so he doesn’t miss out on the life skills groups, aggression replacement training, and tutoring opportunities at Park Place. 

Go #2! We’re all rooting for you!

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Park Place Outreach Celebrates Mardi Gras

Park Place Outreach is proud to share that we have a lot to celebrate! For Mardi Gras this week, our F.A.M. kids celebrated with a king cake. For those who are unfamiliar with the tradition, a king cake is a cake eaten during Mardi Gras. A miniature baby Jesus is hidden somewhere in the cake and whoever gets that slice of cake is said to have good luck!

The F.A.M. participant who got the lucky slice has a lot to celebrate. When he joined our F.A.M. program in December 2021, he was failing all of his classes at CAN Academy. With F.A.M.’s tutorial and life skills groups, he now is passing all of his classes and having better social interactions here at Park Place and at school. With the support of Park Place and the king cake luck on his side, we’re sure he’s going to have even more to celebrate soon!

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F.A.M. Peer Mentor Brings Cosmetology Skills to Park Place

Park Place Outreach is proud to share that one of our F.A.M. Peer Mentors, who was a previous participant in F.A.M., is in school for cosmetology! This Peer Mentor has worked for Park Place since the end of 2019 and graduated from New Hampstead High School in 2021. She has always had an interest in cosmetology. Park Place staff helped her figure out the best way to pursue this interest and apply for financial aid. In October of 2021, she started at Empire Beauty School. The program is a year long, and she can officially start working out on the floor as early as this summer. 

In the meantime, she has brought her new skills to Park Place, where she has cut several of our kids’ hair and done their nails. In her role as a Peer Mentor, she is able to practice her new skills and teach our kids about proper hair health and self-care. She’s even cut a couple of our staff members’ hair!

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Park Place Youth Gets Their First Job

Park Place Outreach is proud to share that one of our kids has gotten his first job! This youth has been involved with Park Place for quite some time and has benefited from both our Emergency Shelter and our F.A.M. program. For confidentiality reasons, we do not share the identities of our Emergency Shelter youth with the public. 

This month, the Emergency Shelter team helped this youth obtain his photo identification card, which he needed to gain employment. He is now an employee at the Olde Pink House, one of our community partners.

Since 2013, the Olde Pink House has made a strong effort to employ our youth with on-the-job training. Currently, the Pink House employs four young people from Park Place, including two young people that Park Place assisted in 2013 who are still employed there.

We wish we could show you how excited our youth was to get his ID and his first job, but you’ll just have to take the Park Place team’s word for it!

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