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Sherry Daniel

Sherry is a veteran in the plumbing industry and is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Roto-Rooter Plumbers of Savannah. While working on the strategic planning and oversight of all company operations, she also focuses on the continuous improvement and expansion of the services she and her team provide to the local community.

Following the recession, Sherry came out of semi-retirement to rebuild the company. She has been involved with the company for more than 45 years. Even now, after a lot of growth and prosperity, she is not above putting on a pair of steel toe boots and going into the trenches with her team. She is passionate about developing a knowledgeable workforce and promoting a positive work environment that prioritizes personal growth and family values.

Sherry is also a co-host on a local morning radio talk show, a board member of Park Place Outreach and a member of the Women’s Council of Realtors. She is a member of the Chief Financial Officers Council of Savannah, NAWBO and the Roto-Rooter Franchisee Association. Sherry’s hobbies include being an amateur activist and lobbyist. She also enjoys painting, restoring old chandeliers, songwriting, interior design, video editing, poetry, and singing.