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F.A.M. Peer Mentor Brings Cosmetology Skills to Park Place

Park Place Outreach is proud to share that one of our F.A.M. Peer Mentors, who was a previous participant in F.A.M., is in school for cosmetology! This Peer Mentor has worked for Park Place since the end of 2019 and graduated from New Hampstead High School in 2021. She has always had an interest in cosmetology. Park Place staff helped her figure out the best way to pursue this interest and apply for financial aid. In October of 2021, she started at Empire Beauty School. The program is a year long, and she can officially start working out on the floor as early as this summer. 

In the meantime, she has brought her new skills to Park Place, where she has cut several of our kids’ hair and done their nails. In her role as a Peer Mentor, she is able to practice her new skills and teach our kids about proper hair health and self-care. She’s even cut a couple of our staff members’ hair!

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