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Park Place Youth Gets Their First Job

Park Place Outreach is proud to share that one of our kids has gotten his first job! This youth has been involved with Park Place for quite some time and has benefited from both our Emergency Shelter and our F.A.M. program. For confidentiality reasons, we do not share the identities of our Emergency Shelter youth with the public. 

This month, the Emergency Shelter team helped this youth obtain his photo identification card, which he needed to gain employment. He is now an employee at the Olde Pink House, one of our community partners.

Since 2013, the Olde Pink House has made a strong effort to employ our youth with on-the-job training. Currently, the Pink House employs four young people from Park Place, including two young people that Park Place assisted in 2013 who are still employed there.

We wish we could show you how excited our youth was to get his ID and his first job, but you’ll just have to take the Park Place team’s word for it!

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